Announcement: SAMPADA admissions are open for the academic year 2022-2023. The last date to register is September 30, 2022. We strongly encourage you to register asap so that you will not miss any Lecdems/Workshops/Information Sessions planned during the summer time.

Also note that you have an option to postpone your exam after your registration to the following academic year by informing us in writing before December 31, 2022. There is no penalty to postpone your exam as long as you decide and let us know before December 31, 2022 by sending an email to

 Exam Dates 
Course LevelTheoryPracticals
Level 1 & Level 3March 25, 2023, Saturday at 8:00 AM Pacific (Duration: 3 Hours). March 24, 2023, to April 10, 2023.
Level 2 & Level 4March 25, 2023, Saturday at 8:00 AM Pacific (Duration: 3 Hours). March 24th – April 2nd, 2023.
Course LevelUntil September 30, 2022Between October 1, 2022 & October 31, 2022
Level 1$350 (Until September 30, 2022)$400
Level 2$300$350
Level 3$300$350
Level 4$300$350

Skip Exam (Request to move the current year registration to the following academic year)

Course LevelUntil December 31,2022Between January 01,2023 and Jan 31, 2023On or after Feb 01,2023
Level 1$0$100$350
Level 2$0$100$300
Level 3$0$100$300
Level 4$0$100$300
Cancellation Fees
Course Level3 days from the date of registration After 3 days and before 30 days from the date of the registrationUntil December 31,2022From January 01, 2023(No Refunds)
Level 10$50$100$350
Level 20$50$100$300
Level 30$50$100$300
Level 40$50$100$300

Note: There will not be any refunds for students already requested to skip the exam from previous years

Please Call us at 1866 5 SAMPADA (726723) or
email for more details about SAMPADA.