Affiliate your Music/Dance School with SAMPADA to get more benefits from the Program.

Course material will provided by SAMPADA to all the affiliated schools.

Gurus themselves teach and prepare their students for the Certificate exams.
Opportunity to get accreditation for the school.
Listing in the affiliated schools on the SAMPADA website.
Part of the "Examiner Team".
Secure access to SAMPADA portal to track students' performance at each level

Affiliation Fee :  One time affiliation fee for School : $500


Students will receive 16 credits for Jr Certificate and 32 credits for Sr Certificate from Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University 

Students who are not learning from SAMPADA affiliated  Schools, please contact  at 

Structured Curriculum with Academic Credentials.
University Certificate with Credits will be very useful for college applications.
Once SAMPADA gets accredited, these courses can potentially be used to get credit for the Music/Band/Performing Arts related electives in High Schools.
Sense of accomplishment with streamlined progress.
Knowledge of Theoretical Aspects of the art form.

Assessment Test for advanced students to skip the 1st year of Jr. Certificate. Assessment exam will be conducted in 2nd week of September.

Registration Fee : $50 ( non-refundable)

Annual Certificate Course Fee : $300.

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