Skip Level Assessment Exam Dates

 Oct 15, 2017  &  Nov 11, 2017

Nov 11, 2017 (Locations will be announced Soon)

(Since this is  newly launched program, Skip Level Assessment Exams are planned for this year only)


Exam Centers

Date of Exam October 15, 2017

Exam Center Time of Exam Address Contact
Milpitas (CA) 9AM-3PM(PDT) 1521 California Circle, Milpitas CA 95035  Deenababu Kondbhatla  (408)-205-5527
Richmond (VA) 9AM-3PM(EDT) 14330 Charter Landing Dr Midlothian, VA 23114 Subbaraju Sagiraju (517) 803 6675
Ashburn (VA) 9AM-3PM(EDT) 21683 Channing ct., Ashburn, VA 20147 Madhuri Dasari (703) 608 1696
Schaumberg (IL) 10AM-3PM(CDT) 921 Elizabeth Dr , Streamwood ,IL 60107 Padma Vellanki  (224) 828 1336
Charlotte (NC) 9AM-3PM(EDT) 8504 Dianthus Ct #103  Charlotte NC 28277 Abhijit CHitti (713) 352 9991
St. Louis (MO) 9AM-3PM(EDT) Renaud Spirit Center, 2650 Tri Sports Circle,
O’Fallon, MO - 63368
 Soujanya Katari (636) 293 4685

Here are some of the guidelines for SAMPADA skip level assessment exam being held on dates Oct 15th & Nov 11th.

1. The skip level exam contains two parts: Written and Practical

2. Each paper will be for a maximum of 100 marks

3. Duration of the exam: Theory 90 minutes , Practical 30-45 minutes
Note: Depending upon the location and the number of students taking the exam, you might be required to stay for 4-5 hours at the exam center.

4. Student need to score at least 35% in both theory and practical to pass the test.

5.The practical exam will be conducted in person or online using skype.

6.Bring snack or drink in case the test takes longer.

7. Theory paper may contain multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, matching, short answer and long answer questions.

8. Costumes and make up is not needed for the practical exam.The students will be asked to perform on the content defined in the syllabus.

9. Results will be published on the website within a week of the examination date.

Level 1 Practical Exam Guidelines for Carnatic Vocal/Flute/Violin/Veena:

1.Students will be tested in all concepts of the syllabus

2. In each concept marks are awarded based on five parameters
(1. Shruti 2. Laya 3. Text 4. Diction 5. Melody )

3.Text means the lyrical part of composition, diction means accent and pronunciation of the lyrics. If there are no lyrics then the swaras itself treated as text and the way they are being pronounced is diction.

4.Text and Diction can be tested together for vocal students though examiner will award marks for individual sections

5. For instruments, examiner will ask students to narrate or speak out the lyric portion wherever applicable to award marks in text part, for diction part- examiner should award marks based on accent, Sahithya Bhavam and instrument playing Technic.

6. In each concept there will be student’s and examiner's choice and the average of these two will fetch the final marks of that particular concept. Except the ‘Swara Pallavi’ section since there is only one composition.

7. Examiner will ensure that student is capable of singing in 3 speeds in each concept though it's not necessary that both student’s choice and examiner choice items to be sung in 3 speeds.

8. Examiner choice should be only within the syllabus

9. Geetams can be from the Syllabus or any of the equivalent Geethams within same Raga. In such case examiner should take the list of the Geethams (out of prescribed syllabus) from the student.

  • Asamyuta Hastas :  Students are expected to show the Hastas by rendering Sloka
  • Perform Warm up exercises that students learnt
  • Namaskara Vidhi in Kuchipudi
  • Show the Padabhedas
  • Pada Karmas as per Natya Sastra
  • Demonstrate different types of Adavus (which can be seen only in Kuchipudi dance tradition):(a) Usi ( b) choukam three varieties (c) Chuttu Aadugulu (d) Katheranatu Adugu (e) Mande koppu Adugu (f) Palugudu varasalu (g) Thai tha kita thaka varieties
  • Steps in Pancha Jaatis : a.Tisra b.Chathurasra c. Khanda d. Misra e. Sankeerna
  • Perform any Jathi  (play thaalam if known)
  • Demonstrate Ganapati/Vinayaka Kautam (know Raga, Thala of the item and also the meaning)
  • Perform the steps for the following :  Tham digi digitha varieties, thaitha kitathaka varieties, tham digi digitha varieties, tehihi dattam varieties