Registration & Exams Dates:

Course Deadline to Register  Date of Theory Exam
 Level 1 31-Jan-19 30-Mar-19
  Level 2 30-Sep-18 30-Mar-19
Level 3 20-Nov-18 22-Jun-19

Exams & Registration Updates:

  • Theory exam for all levels (Level 1, Level 2 ) will start at 8:30 am (local time) on March 30,2019 followed by practical exams.
  • For big centers where there are more than 15 students in each course, practical exams will be conducted throughout the week between March 30, 2019 and April 02, 2019.
  • Practical time slots will be published as we get closer to the date. You will have an option to request to change the practical exam timings if you have conflicts with the assigned date and time slot.
  • Please note that there will not be any make up if you miss to appear for Level 1&Level 2 theory exams on March 30, 2019 and Level 3 theory exam on June 22,2019.
  • Starting from academic year 2018-2019, there will not be any exam in the month of September. Starting from 2020, annual exams for all levels will happen in the last week of March.

Happy to announce that 95.5% of the students passed Jr. Certificate exam in September 2018.

Click here for SAMPADA Level 2 Results - September 2018

Dear Parents and Students,

Please go through the instructions below if you or your child is appearing for SAMPADA Level 1 or Level 2 exam on March 30,2019.

  1. SAMPADA annual exams for Level 1 and Level 2 are scheduled for the weekend of March 30-31, 2019. Please visit sampada.siliconandhra.org/exams for the exam timings and contact details of your local coordinator.

  2. SAMPADA exam consists of two parts. Part 1: Theory exam, for a max duration of 3 hours. However, students are expected to finish their theory exam within 2 hours time. Part 2: Practical exam for a maximum duration of 45 minutes. Practical exam time slots will be published on the SAMPADA website as well as CANVAS LMS by Friday, March 23,2019. Please contact us only after Friday if you have any conflicts with your child’s allotted time slot for the practical exam.

  3. Students will not be allowed to appear for both the theory and practical exams without the print copy of their hall ticket. Please download and print the Hall Ticket ahead of the exam date by logging in to sampadaportal.siliconandhra.org. You will have to use your sampada id (firstname.lastname@sampada.siliconandhra.org) and password to download your Hall Ticket.If you don’t remember the password, please use ‘Recover Account’ option on sampada portal landing page(sampadaportal.siliconandhra.org). Please refer to Help section on our main SAMPADA website if you are experiencing any issues to login to the portal.

  4. Please do not write your name on theory exam paper. Write your Hall Ticket number only on each page (MUST WRITE BIG AND LEGIBLY) of your answer sheet. You don't have to share your name or Guru's name with practical examiners as well.

  5. Enter both the Hall Ticket numbers on theory paper if you are appearing for more than one course in Carnatic Music (Vocal/Flute/Violin/Veena) as theory paper is common for these courses.

  6. Students cannot use cell phones during the theory exam and practical exam.

  7. Parents will not be allowed in the testing area (please exit after you check in your child). Wait in the designated area.

  8. Make sure students are well rested the night before, and have a good breakfast.

  9. Students are expected to bring the following: a. Hall Ticket b. Sruthi Box or its equivalent if you are  appearing for music exam. c. Snacks and water d. Sharpened, good pencils with eraser or Pen.

  10. Students may bring books of their choice to read while they wait for their turn to take the practical exam (No video games or texting allowed)

  11. There will not be any makeup exam for absentees. You will have to register for the same course again by paying the fee if you miss to appear for the exam. This policy is not applicable for the students and parents who already requested us to postpone the exam to the next year before the deadline and already got the acknowledgement.Please avoid sending us emails asking for the confirmation again.

  12. Results will be posted to SAMPADA portal before May 17,2019. Graduation Ceremonies are planned in selected cities on May 17, May 18 , May 19, May 24, May 25 and May 26. All the SAMPADA students who passed their Level 2 exam from selected cities will have an opportunity to  receive their certificates directly from the Vice Chancellor of PST University, Hyderabad.

  13. For Level 2 Students only: Maximum marks for theory exam is 100 (Multiple Choice Questions 10 x 1 mark = 10 marks, Fill in the blanks 10 x 2 marks = 20 marks , Short answer questions 6 x 5 marks = 30 marks, Long answer questions 4 (out of 6) x 10 marks= 40 marks). Minimum passing score for theory exam 35%. Minimum passing score for practical exam 35%.

  14. Please keep checking for latest announcements about the exams by logging into Canvas LMS.

  15. Please login to zoom session at 5:30 pm PDT either on Monday(03/18/2019) or Wednesday(03/20/2019) to know more about exam pattern and other details.

If you have any questions regarding the exam, please contact us at the following numbers

Deenababu Kondubhatla at deenababu@sampada.siliconandhra.org or call 408-205-5527

Usha Madabhushi at usha.madabushi@sampada.siliconandhra.org or call 510 - 953 - 9313

Santhi Konda at santhi.konda@sampada.siliconandhra.org or call 408-472-3272